Beanie, the aging redbone hound, was Lee’s inspiration for our newest fundraiser, Walk365. Because of her, Lee has committed to walking 365 consecutive days to raise money and awareness for The Sadie Rose Foundation. You can track his daily walks on our facebook page or at

Sponsorship (for Lee or Sampson) is available for $1 a day, $7 a week, $30 a month, $90 per quarter, $180 per half-year or $365 for the full year. If donating a different amount, specify the length of time you wish to sponsor him. He can have multiple sponsors per day/week. We will list all the current sponsors on our website. All proceeds benefit The Sadie Rose Foundation.

So what is the inspiration for Walk365?

During the Christmas holidays, we had a dog guest in our home. Beanie and our dog, Sampson, a long-haired caramel-colored Anatolian shepherd/chocolate lab mix, have always had a tumultuous relationship.

Beanie was ever the lady, demure and unimpressed, when Sampson came bursting into her life in full male puppy fashion. After the introductory period passed, their relationship soon reached agreeable terms.

Beanie would lie in the sun while Sampson ran around in circles barking, trying to initiate play. After that game got old, Beanie would retreat to the far corners of the yard or house and Sampson would leave her alone… for a while. Then the game would start again.

Aside from obviously only tolerating our obnoxious Sampson, Beanie had always been an easy dog to keep. We looked forward to the phone call or email from our friend saying she was going out of town and needed a place for Beanie for a few days.

But this Christmas was different. It was clear that Beanie needed her human back and we were not close to being acceptable replacements.

Beanie’s human is a runner; Lee and I are not. Beanie is used to regular exercise; Lee and I are (were) not. In an effort to help Beanie through her anxiety, Lee got up early the few mornings she was with us, including Christmas morning, and walked the two dogs. Or rather, they walked him.

Beanie left Christmas evening, so imagine my surprise when Lee got up the next morning and walked Sampson on his own, and then the next morning, and the next. A week or so into the walking, Sampson suffered sore tissue in his foot and had to take a week’s rest, but Lee kept walking.

Before long, Sampson was back in walking condition and Lee has become the walker instead of the “walkee.”

After one particularly brisk morning’s exercise, Lee was sitting in a chair with a cold nose and a hot cup of coffee. He said he had been inspired to turn the walk into something meaningful and wanted to walk to raise awareness and funds for The Sadie Rose Foundation. When he said he would commit to 365 days straight, I was more than a little nervous until I remembered from whom that commitment was coming. Once Lee sets his mind on something, he perseveres until the goal is met.

So he and Sampson are both excited about walking for The Sadie Rose Foundation. Oh yes, trust me, Sampson is! He thinks this new walking-every-day-stuff is the cat’s meow… or the dog’s bark or something like that.

So here’s a little bit about why sponsoring Lee’s walk can make a lifetime difference.

The Sadie Rose Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that offers support in our community and beyond to families that have experienced the death of a child, including through pregnancy loss and miscarriage. We rely solely on the generosity of those who believe in the service we provide to our community to make our support available. We appreciate every donation, every volunteer, and every prayer that makes this support possible.

Your tax-deductible donation can be made on our secure website via Paypal at or mailed to P.O. Box 382 Dayton, VA 22821. Thanks in advance for supporting Lee’s Walk365 and in turn helping to shine a light of hope into someone’s darkest night.


Lee Harlow’s Walk365: The Dog Walk That Hasn’t Stopped

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