Here are links to the January 2018 and the February 2018 newsletters. (Or click on our “Newsletters” tab to read current and archived newsletters.) My apologies for not posting the January newsletter online!

Have you ever had someone tell you you need to “move on” or “get over it” in regards to the death of your child? What about that person who diminishes your own grief by being completely self-absorbed and always tells you stories of people who’ve had it “worse?” Continuing the “Honoring Grief” series, in January we meet “Move-on Marvin” and in February we meet “I’ll-Raise-You Ronnie.”

We also had a beautiful contribution by Gary Firebaugh, father of Ricky Firebaugh, on page 3 of our February newsletter.

In memory of Ricky Firebaugh

We love hearing from others in our grief community and encourage you to send your own thoughts and experiences to be shared in our newsletter. It is helpful to all our readers to know they’re not alone.

We’ve also set the date and are preparing for our annual 5K!

Here is the link to register online.

We also need sponsors, volunteers, and participants, so please help spread the word! Rumor has it that some of our raffle chances this year will include a nice grill, a TV, another cabin tent, and more. We have a huge goal of raising $20,000 in honor of our 10th birthday as an organization. Thanks for all your support to get us this far!

January and February Newsletters and 5K info!
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