I’ve come to love and even look for life’s little surprises that remind me of our sweet Sadie Rose.

Every spring since she passed away, Lee and I have purchased an Easter lily in Sadie’s memory. Every year, I enjoy its fragrance, beauty and presence— and then find myself sadly reminiscent when it died.

Last year for some reason, I stuck the bulb in our flowerbed at the front of my house.

This year, we did not purchase Easter lilies, so there was nothing to remind of that bulb, tucked away in the nourishing earth.

Imagine my surprise then, during Sadie’s birthday month of June, to see these beautiful fragrant lilies in full bloom.

Sadie's Lily

What a gift. Although June has proven to be a difficult month for me since Sadie’s birth and death June 20, 2007, these lilies remind me of her life: pure, sweet, beautiful, perfect. Every time I walk out our front door or pull into our driveway, the lilies encourage me to believe in hope, life and resurrection and that brings me peace.

In my journey as a bereaved parent, I believe beyond all doubt that our children remain with us in many ways. At least for now, I am enjoying Sadie’s presence in the present of these Easter lilies in June.

Easter Lilies in June
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