They Know Their Sister

By Regina Cyzick Harlow

June 20, 2012


They know their sister by tear-stained photographs

By a worn-out guestbook from her funeral service

They know her by playing in a cemetery

Around a cold hard tombstone

They know their sister by pink stripes in mommy’s hair

“It’s for Sadie,” I tell them

They know their sister by our “Sadie Rose” friends

They know her by support groups, ceremonies and meetings

They know their sister by the faraway look in mommy’s eyes

By the silences, the tears, the whispers of her name

They know her by the scent of a flower

By a butterfly’s soft-winged flight

They know their sister by the cloud’s silver lining

And by the stars that light the night

How I wish they could play with her, hold her hand,

Kiss her goodnight

But they are content knowing her in this way

Always looking for reminders of her presence

And, as only children can, they accept that this is how they know her

And they love her, just as they know her

They Know Their Sister
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2 thoughts on “They Know Their Sister

  • June 26, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    You expressed beautifully through writing what for many was before only in the heart. I was very moved and touched; your writing (and knowing the heart behind it) brought tears to my eyes (I know; big surprise there). Seriously, I think even mom’s who’ve experienced the loss of a child w/no other children/siblings can still relate to this in ways of their own. Thsnk you for sharing such an intimate part of your heart w/us.

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