The Bridgewater Ruritan Club has generously offered that in exchange for us providing volunteers for their food booth at the Rockingham County Fair August 13-18, 2012, the Sadie Rose Foundation will receive a donation from the Club’s proceeds that week!

Personally, I love the idea because all the planning and background work is done by the Ruritan’s and we just show up during the time slots on the sign-up sheet to help put drinks in the cooler, assemble sandwiches, take orders, etc.

It’s an easy fundraiser for us and a great way to support active community service organizations in our area. It only requires several hours at a time for each volunteer and the Bridgewater Ruritan’s will pay each volunteer’s way into the fair ($5 entry fee) so we will have passes for each volunteer when they show up to cover their shift.

The dates are Monday, August 13 through Saturday August 18. There are two shifts per evening; the first one is 4:30 to 7:30 and the second one is 7:30 to 11:15 or 11:30.

We have 48 slots to fill! So here’s the challenge.

Choose a time slot on the sign-up sheet. Then find three other friends or family members to work that shift with you! Email or call 540-810-4351 with your name, phone number and shift preference. I will cross off slots on the sign-up sheet as they fill up. PLEASE include a phone number so we can make a reminder call the day before your shift and so we can contact you if needed.

We welcome participation from everyone, whether you come as individuals, pairs or groups to fill the whole shift. Please share this link with your friends on your social media pages and via email so all those who are looking for an easy way to give back to the community has the opportunity to do so.

If you/your family or someone you love has benefited from the support provided by the Sadie Rose Foundation, this is a great opportunity to give back and to ensure we can continue to offer that support to families who will need it in the future.

Thanks so much! It is only because of you, our volunteers and donors, that we can continue providing support to bereaved families, because the path of grief after losing a child should never be walked alone.

Click Fair Food Sign-up to view the sign-up sheet.

Volunteer for the SRF at the Rockingham County Fair (includes challenge)
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