My mom and my siblings have been wonderful support. From left to right: Andy, Ethel, Stephanie, mom, Amy, me, Jody and Shannon.

Mine and Lee’s families have always been wonderful support since we found out Sadie was a Little Person mid-pregnancy, through her brief life, her death and the founding and continuing of The Sadie Rose Foundation. Through it all, we’ve always known we could count on them (and their spouses) to be there for us. This photo is of me with my mom and my brothers and sisters. I also want to specifically thank my Aunt Edie and my cousin Loni who have been such great support as well as such great help to The Sadie Rose Foundation. I’m thankful for my dad, who has been there in his own unique way. Our church family and other friends have been wonderful too, as well as fellow bereaved parents we’ve connected with. SO thankful to be surrounded by so much love!We are better people because of the loved ones in our lives and the Sadie Rose Foundation exists because these people (and many others) help make it happen.

Me with my sisters: Ethel, Me, Stephanie, Amy.
Day 11 ~ Capture Your Grief 2012
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