Today the photo suggestion is “scent.” This was the hardest suggestion for me so far. I can still smell Sadie’s skin and hair. I still smell the hospital air. I seldom go there mentally, it hurts too much. So instead, for today’s photo, I am sharing a picture that one of my Facebook friends shared on their wall. When we got pregnant with Sadie, I already had 12 healthy nieces and nephews. While I knew people here or there that had experienced child or pregnancy loss, I had no idea it could happen to me. After Sadie died, I was told of these statistics below. ONE in FOUR! I had no idea before Sadie died how many women were silently grieving and I vowed to give us a voice. One of the ways I do that is through this organization in our precious daughter’s name. In an effort to give credit where credit is due, it looks like this photo was originally posted by a group called “Pregnancy After Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss.”

I am not just a statistic. My name is Regina. Our daughter’s name is Sadie. We miss her every day.


Day 12 ~ Capture Your Grief 2012
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