Today’s photo subject: Signs! This sign is one of the most amazing miracles I have ever experienced. Fortunately, there was a wonderful photographer, Traci White, on hand to capture the moment. We were all set to begin our First Annual (October 15th) Remembrance Walk in Grottoes, VA, when a thunderstorm blew in. We were unsure as to whether or not the walk would actually take place when the clouds parted and a brilliant rainbow touched down between two empty infant swings in the park playground! (Ironically, as another sign?! This photo suggestion falls on the day of our Third Annual Remembrance Walk!) The second photo is during one of our Annual Memorial Picnic and Balloon Releases. As we released our balloons with messages to our children, the sun”s rays seemed to embrace them and welcome them into the heavens.These pictures still take my breath away every time I reflect on them. Wow ~ Thanks sweet Sadie! Click here to read another story about sings from our baby girl.

Photo by Traci White
Photo by Regina Cyzick Harlow
Day 13 ~ Capture Your Grief 2012
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