The SRF welcomes another board member

The Sadie Rose Foundation is excited to welcome Karen Doss Bowman to our board of directors. We look forward to working with Karen and the insight and expertise she brings. See her bio below.

Karen Doss Bowman, from Bridgewater, Va., is a freelance writer and editor who frequently contributes to a number of local publications, including Rockingham Memorial Hospital’s HealthQuest magazine, Bloom and Bridgewater College’s Bridgewater magazine.
Prior to launching her freelance writing business in July 2005, Karen’s professional experience included 12 years as a staff writer and editor for Bridgewater College, Georgetown University and Radford University.
Karen is impressed with the Sadie Rose Foundation’s mission and outreach to parents and family members who have experienced the loss of a child or a pregnancy. She is looking forward to sharing her gifts to help others in the community.
Karen lives in Bridgewater, VA, with her husband, Darin, and sons, Peyton and Carter.

Welcome New Board Member

The Sadie Rose Foundation is excited to welcome Regina Orebaugh to our Board of Directors. She believes in the mission of the Sadie Rose Foundation and is ready, willing and able to help fulfill that mission in whatever way she can. Welcome, Regina! (See her bio below.)

Regina Orebaugh

Regina writes, “I am married to Rick Orebaugh. We have a 13-year-old daughter, Haley. We reside in Elkton, VA. I have been employed with Harrisonburg Auto Mall for 20 years. I have volunteered in the past with Rockingham County Parks and Recreation. I attend church at Impact Ministries in Elkton. I enjoy reading and spending time with family. I recently lost my brother of 46 years to a motorcycle accident. I wish to enrich my life by giving back to others in our community.”

December Newsletter

Our December newsletter is filled with upcoming events like the Bereaved Parents Memorial Tree Service, the Candlelight Ceremony and a Christmas Coffee. It also includes “thank you’s” to many individuals and families, and opportunities to come together as bereaved families to remember our children together. We are here for you through the holidays and beyond, because the path of grief after losing a child should never be walked alone.

Annual Worldwide Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony

Each year, The Sadie Rose Foundation participates in the Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candlelight Ceremony for families who have experienced the death of a child. This event is always held the second Sunday in December. This event is open to families who have experienced the death of a child of any age. Please pass this information on to anyone you know that might benefit from this ceremony.

Date: Dec 9th

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: Otterbein United Methodist Church 176 W Market Street Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (On the corner of West Market Street – Route 33 – and North High Street – Route 42.

Additional Details: We invite you to bring a photo and/or mementos of your child for the Memory Table. This year we have have traditional candles used for such ceremonies. Each family will have the opportunity to say their child’s name if they wish to do so. We will have a brief program with special music and readings. If you have something you would like to read or share, please contact Regina at 540-810-4351 by Dec 5th.

Please bring a snack to share. Drinks provided.

You are also welcome to submit a photo of your child to be included in the slideshow. You can email the photo, your child’s name and date of birth and date of death to Tanya at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Regina at the number above.

For more information about the Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candlelighting Ceremony, click here.

Day 13 ~ Capture Your Grief 2012

Today’s photo subject: Signs! This sign is one of the most amazing miracles I have ever experienced. Fortunately, there was a wonderful photographer, Traci White, on hand to capture the moment. We were all set to begin our First Annual (October 15th) Remembrance Walk in Grottoes, VA, when a thunderstorm blew in. We were unsure as to whether or not the walk would actually take place when the clouds parted and a brilliant rainbow touched down between two empty infant swings in the park playground! (Ironically, as another sign?! This photo suggestion falls on the day of our Third Annual Remembrance Walk!) The second photo is during one of our Annual Memorial Picnic and Balloon Releases. As we released our balloons with messages to our children, the sun”s rays seemed to embrace them and welcome them into the heavens.These pictures still take my breath away every time I reflect on them. Wow ~ Thanks sweet Sadie! Click here to read another story about sings from our baby girl.

Photo by Traci White
Photo by Regina Cyzick Harlow

Day 12 ~ Capture Your Grief 2012

Today the photo suggestion is “scent.” This was the hardest suggestion for me so far. I can still smell Sadie’s skin and hair. I still smell the hospital air. I seldom go there mentally, it hurts too much. So instead, for today’s photo, I am sharing a picture that one of my Facebook friends shared on their wall. When we got pregnant with Sadie, I already had 12 healthy nieces and nephews. While I knew people here or there that had experienced child or pregnancy loss, I had no idea it could happen to me. After Sadie died, I was told of these statistics below. ONE in FOUR! I had no idea before Sadie died how many women were silently grieving and I vowed to give us a voice. One of the ways I do that is through this organization in our precious daughter’s name. In an effort to give credit where credit is due, it looks like this photo was originally posted by a group called “Pregnancy After Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss.”

I am not just a statistic. My name is Regina. Our daughter’s name is Sadie. We miss her every day.