Testimonial shared by the Rodriguez Family:

Our 5 month old son Brody lost his fight to an unknown infection July 7, 2008. We were sent out of UVA a mere 30 mins after he was taken off life support with nothing but a box of a couple of his things and a promise/threat that “70% of couples will divorce after the loss of a child”. We went home to an empty house the next morning unsure of what to do next. We had 2 surviving children ages 4 and 2 that we had to tell that their brother had gone to heaven and we weren’t sure what to do after that.

I googled and searched for support groups that night and came across one that was online but it was for a chat schedule and when i logged in everyone knew everyone and didn’t really want to deal with the new girl. A couple of days later my husband took a call from a woman who heard about Brody and wanted to gift us with meals and a support group. I showed up unsure of what it would be like, I had been to different support groups by myself and with friends before and they were always stuffy and formal and I didn’t want that.

The Sadie Rose meetings were not that. It is now a little over 2 years later and I try my hardest to go to every meeting. I sometimes leave sad, mad or angry but I ALWAYS leave feeling love and support! I recently gave birth to my 4th baby and friends from SRF came to the hospital to meet my Rainbow baby and see how I was doing. I am not sure how well I would have done without these parents, parents that understand what we are going through. There is unconditional love and support and for that, I am blessed.

Testimonial shared by the Schneider Family:

What the Sadie Rose Foundation means to me! This is a question that is asked often, so I thought I would answer it the best way I can!

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Denise Schneider, I am the mother of 4 children, My husband and I and my then 3 lil ones, moved here from California 4 1/2 years ago, to give our kids a safe place to be brought up and give us a chance to not just survive in life but actually be able to live comfortable and enjoy life.

Taylor was born in November 2007; he completed our family. On Aug, 4 2010 he was killed when a neighbor ran him over.

Within a week of his death we received a letter from the Sadie Rose Foundation offering support at their support meeting and offering a 100 dollar donation of food. I called to see what they meant by the donation which to my surprise there were no strings attached, no qualifications papers at all, and it meant sooo much to me too finally have someone willing to help out without a whole hassle of hoops to jump through. The last thing you need when your child has passed away is to be evaluated to make sure you qualify, as if losing your child wasn’t hard enough. I accepted the food and also realized that if they can be sooo caring right off hand then I need to go to the support group! I knew I needed it; I saw and my children saw the accident with our son and I didn’t know what I really needed but was told by many people to try and get counseling and join a support group. I was also told by a very wise lady (our counselor) that in order for your children to begin to heal we must heal!

Our first meeting at the SRF was just 17 days after our son’s death. It was sooo very hard and yet somehow sooo comforting to be able to go somewhere and talk freely about our pain with people who understood our pain. Within a few months of going, we started taking our children with us. It has benefited them sooo much too, to have other kids who understand their pain and to know they aren’t alone either, has really helped them more than words can even say!

It has been 14 months now that we have been a part of the SRF and this is what I have learned: I have learned that I have their unconditional love and support, that I can call any member there anytime and know I have their help, that my pain is real to them, that I don’t have to worry if this time they are going to understand my pain as sometimes you do with your own family, or is it going to bother them with it, I have learned that we are more than just a support group, we are a family.

I am sooo grateful for the SRF, their time and sacrifices, their love and support. They are my lifeline!

Missin our Taylor, John and Denise Schneider and lil ones!

Zena’s Testimony

Thanks for Sadie Rose Foundation because they heard me and understood my pain because my losses. How nice that can see people help you to reduce your pain. I feel that second name of this foundation is “Angels of Mercy” and I like to put this name because my experience when I lost my baby no one felt my pain except this angels. I am sorry because my language is not very good, but i like to try, thank you.

Thanks for Sadie Rose Foundation for listening to me, to understand me, and know my pain because my losses. I hope for all family who has same losses to come to this support meeting with this foundation, because i am sure let them find a peace for their broken hearts. I feel like our children have meeting in heaven in the same time we have meeting with all parent who lose their child. They look at us from heaven because I believe our child miss us…

Naomi’s Testimony

I think that offering a variety of grief support activities helps fill more people’s needs/wants. Our family has been able to participate in many of the Sadie Rose Foundation gatherings. It helps us not only keep the memory of our children alive, but gives an opportunity to reach out to and share with others who’ve gone through the loss of a child. Fellowshipping with others reminds you that you’re not alone in your grief.